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Precision Engineering companies
Reduce Cycle & Setup Time
and get the best from their People, Systems and Machines

Save Time

At Business Optimiser, we develop a superior understanding of our clients and their needs to liberate them from paper, manual, repetitive tasks and under-utilised systems.

Improve Profitability

Business Optimiser’s unique assessment allows clients to view their business from an “outside-in” approach to innovate, grow, and make bold decisions that reduce waste and improve profitability.


Business Optimiser delivers agile, scalable solutions, placing great value on innovation to keep your business moving ahead of the curve in your chosen direction.

Deliver Innovative Solutions

We are now in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, aka Industry 4.0, which revolutionises the automation, monitoring, and analysis of supply chains and manufacturing through smart technology

Expert Creative & Innovative

Digitalisation and automation come easy to us, and we want to create that effect so your business benefits too

Sean kearns

CEO & managing director

Our Techniques

Automation creates a manufacturing system where factory machines are further augmented with wireless connectivity and sensors to monitor and visualise an entire production process and make autonomous decisions.

Using high-tech IoT devices in smart factories leads to higher productivity and improved quality. 

Replacing manual inspection business models with AI-powered visual insights reduces manufacturing errors and saves money and time. 

With minimal investment, quality control personnel can set up a smartphone connected to the cloud to monitor manufacturing processes from virtually anywhere.

Applying machine learning algorithms, manufacturers can detect errors immediately, rather than at later stages when repair work is more expensive. Unplanned downtime can be up 10 times more costly.

Success is defined in a different way

Within our in-house and associate teams, we have 100’s of  years of industry experience”, “Our customers can experience exponential growth after availing our services”, “We help you keep-up with latest industry trends and technologies”

Why Industry 4.0?

We are now in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, aka Industry 4.0, which revolutionises the automation, monitoring, and analysis of supply chains through smart technology. Industry 4.0 is powered by the Industrial Internet of Things (IOT) and cyber-physical systems – smart, autonomous systems that use computer-based algorithms to monitor and control physical things like machinery, robots, and vehicles. Industry 4.0 makes everything in your supply chain “smart” – from smart manufacturing and factories to smart warehousing and logistics. But Industry 4.0 doesn’t stop at the supply chain. It inter-connects with back-end systems, like enterprise resource planning (ERP), to give companies an unprecedented level of visibility and control. Ultimately, Industry 4.0 is a major part of any company’s digital transformation.